Any woman who is completely honest, will admit that the man/men in her life (hey! I'm thinking sons here!)
are as conscious of their overall appearance as we women are.
When we're not looking, we know you guys are checking out your 'progress' whether it be a new found wrinkle 
or an unexpected, unwelcome blemish. And, it's perfectly normal and more than alright with us!

To steal a famous marketing phrase: "if you don't look good, we don't look good"!

But, we really don't want to share our skincare with you!
Not because we are stingy, but because we understand your skin has special needs that ours doesn't, like shaving.

That one simple act, done on a daily basis lends a whole new layer of sensitivity that is uniquely male.

Another thing that changes the skin needs is the fact that most men aren't into makeup and fail to use
any type of protection on their skin during the day, and no nourishing product at night. These are two mainstays that most women instinctively know will help them retain younger, healthier looking skin longer.

Some employment choices are also somewhat different than women's 
(although they can be totally gender-neutral)...
Mechanics, landscapers, plumbers, electricians, construction work all add a unique cleansing challenge that is not met by traditional women's cleansers which are formulated to remove makeup.

This season, CommonScents will be exploring and sharing information that is specific to men's skin care needs.
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