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About Us

UseCommonScents was born out of a Passion to educate and help people regain 
and maintain emotional, physical and spiritual wellness!

  Discovering a correlation between skin health to emotional, physical and spiritual illness and wellness was the first 'ah-ha' moment, 
noted during her career as facialist in the spa owned by UseCommonScents founder, Anne Galya. 

Shortly after, she was recruited to educate other estheticians in the use of a very sophisticated Parisian skin care line, and discovered essential oil ingredients and other organic extracts were responsible for the effectiveness of that skin care line.

While studying to understand the cause and effect of these 'natural' ingredients, Anne discovered something even more exciting: 
the positive influence  Organic Essential Oils and Hydrosols had on the whole person!

Realizing how valuable they would be to her clientele and family, she committed the next several years to school, research, experimentation, introducing custom blends to her massage and facial customers.

Fast forward eighteen years the years when most people are winding down, she initiated a very valuable online source for instruction and sharing, as well as providing superior Certified Organic Essential Oils and Hydrosols, that are therapy grade, safe and reasonably priced!

Whether you desire to try 'alternative' therapies because you are leery of the many side effects of OTC or pharmaceutical preparations, or simply embracing a Green Lifestyle and want to use the finest ingredients available at a great have come to the right place!

UseCommonScents thoroughly vets their sources and documents all of their Certified Organic Essential Oils, Hydrosols and Carrier Oils,
 in order to bring you the finest the world has to offer.

We deal directly with ethical growers, producers, and distillers of organic and wildcrafted (think 'free range') oils and hydrosols, 
eliminating any possibility of adulterated products.

Our commitment is to (literally) improve your world, one drop at a time!

Anne Galya, UseCommonScents founder and Certified Aromatherapist, Massage therapist, and Licensed Esthetician, has private consultations as well as leads bi-weekly workshops on the properties, practical application and versatility of our Essential Oils and Hydrosols.

Feel free to contact Anne by email: [email protected]
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