Organic Breast Care

The statistics are staggering. Breast Cancer affects 1 in 8 women over the course of their lifetime, increasing with frequency as we age. Of those victims, only 15% have a family history to Breast Cancer. Clearly, 85% of those affected have environmental or lifestyle influences that compromise the health and immunities inherit in the breast. CommonScents approach is not one size fits all. We acknowledge our own tendencies toward synthetic fragrances and aluminum based antiperspirants, environmental modifiers like fabric softeners or chemical house cleaners, alcohol and smoking.

This is why CommonScents addresses lymphatic stimulation via Dry Body Brushing, as well as Himalayan Salt Bar to replace aluminum antiperspirants, and how to do a self exam for unusual changes in the breasts, as an adjunct to our new line!

CommonScents introduces their new organic breast care line, 
Ta-Ta Therapy!
Comprehensive, addressing common concerns and challenges expressed by women across the country, 
Ta-Ta Therapy is primarily a trio of products that prepare the breast skin for active molecular absorption, that improve the general appearance and texture upon application.

A synergy of organic essential oils such as Cypress, Carrot Seed, Geranium, Lavender and Thyme, Evening Oil of Primrose, organic blue algae and aloe vera gel, provide a delightful scent that is somewhat uplifting.
More importantly, these ingredients have reported properties that may contribute to the general health of your breasts, by improving lymph flow, balancing hormonal distribution, reducing inflammation and water retention, while calming breast tenderness and pain.

Our Ta-Ta Therapy Tonic Spray prepares the breasts for either the Gel or Lotion products, by hydrating the epidermis and minimizing topical yeasts and bacteria.
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