Please enjoy browsing through current blog postings and feel free to share their content with others...I only ask that you mention CommonScents in the credits!
Please enjoy browsing through current blog postings and feel free to share their content with others...I only ask that you mention CommonScents in the credits!

My Cellular Water DIY

Posted by Anne Galya on 7/15/2018 to Skin Care Specialities
There's quite a buzz about the Micellular Waters retailed these days.

Funny, because we successfully retailed a product for about a decade in the spa, called Osmo-Pure from Paris. It was a micellular water, or water-based facial cleanser. We sold it for simple cleansing, makeup removal and refreshment, while traveling or at the gym. That was then....

Guess it took a cosmetic giant (you know who they are) to get behind it (the concept) to get it front and center, but never you's hugely successful.

So, I decided to look into the formulations out there and was not too surprised to see that what's being sold is primarily water laced with synthetic silicones (Cyclopentasitoxins), paraffin from petroleum (Isohexadecane), table salt(!), surfactant or solvent by the name of Hexylene Glycol (currently suspected of creating toxic dermatitis), stabilizer (Disodium EDTA), a glucose based surfactant (Decyl glucoside) and a disinfectant called Polyamino Propyl Biguanide which Denmark has banned in personal care products.

In short, cheap, potentially toxic, but effective ingredients to remove makeup and grime without the aid of water.

The most popular one sells for $8.99. 13.5 oz.

Now, let's use some CommonScents, shall we?
If you have 5 minutes, a clean glass bowl and a plastic whisk, you can create your own ORGANIC Micellular Water at the cost of $9.50 for 15.5 oz (on average)

The Difference in a Headache

Posted by Anne Galya on 5/31/2018 to Wellness Challenges
The Difference in a Headache
A headache by any other name is still the same...or, is it!

Read on to discover how to identify the type of headache you are experiencing and the best approach to stop it in it's tracks!

TLC for Baby and Me!

Posted by Anne Galya on 5/31/2018 to Safe Approaches for Child Care
TLC for Baby and Me!
When choosing aids for helping you care for your baby and children, be sure to buy from reputable sources for organic ingredients that are bio-compatible, safe and effective.

CommonScents TLC line is formulated with those intentions! Tea Tree, Lavender and Chamomile (TLC) are the core trio of essential oils and/or botanical distillates (hydrosols) that are proven safe and effective for centuries.

Our Ready for Anything Collection, is just that:
Cold Clincher is a perfect blend to roll on chest and back for respiratory issues, or roll on near ear and behind ears, for earaches. Diluted for safety, the essential oils are completely organic and free of any pesticides or synthetic chemical compounds.

Fever Fighter is a spray application of organic hydrosols that help cool the body slightly, naturally. Elevated body temperatures are good things, when they're controlled. They burn off viruses and bacteria. It's when they are too high (over 102 degrees) that you may need to spritz your child, to help her/him be more comfortable (and give yourself peace of mind!).

Bedtime Buddy has become a popular bed linen and jammie spritz, to help the little ones relax and 'give it up' for naptime or bedtime. Gentle geranium, lavender and chamomile hydrosols are a lovely tradition to bring into the bedtime routine!

Lavender Kiss is a blend of hydrosols that are great to cleanse a cut or scrape without stinging. It will help reduce swelling and redness, as well as reduce pain for your little ones!
Works well on diaper and heat rash, insect bites and sunburn!

SOS for Sinuses

Posted by Anne Galya on 5/14/2018
SOS for Sinuses

Dehydration Test

Posted by Anne Galya on 1/7/2018 to Skin Care Specialities
Is your skin dehydrated this winter?!

Take this simple test and follow the tips! 

DIY Gifts that make Scents!

Posted by Anne Galya on 11/21/2017
DIY Gifts that make Scents!
Are you like me every Christmas Season, looking for just the right, memorable gift for those you love? 

This is a compilation of ideas 
CommonScents came up with!

Aromatherapy for the Palate!

Posted by on 6/24/2017 to Culinary Options
Aromatherapy for the Palate!
Organic lavender essential oil and hydrosol are fabulous surprises in food and drink, we're sharing our secret recipes!

Sleep 101

Posted by on 6/15/2017 to Wellness Challenges
Sleep 101
Earn Rewards!