Dehydration Test

Posted by Anne Galya on 1/7/2018
Is your skin dehydrated this winter?!

Take this simple test and follow the tips! 

DIY Gifts that make Scents!

Posted by Anne Galya on 11/21/2017
Are you like me every Christmas Season, looking for just the right, memorable gift for those you love? 

This is a compilation of ideas 
CommonScents came up with!

Aromatherapy for the Palate!

Posted by on 6/24/2017
Organic lavender essential oil and hydrosol are fabulous surprises in food and drink, we're sharing our secret recipes!

Sleep 101

Posted by on 6/15/2017

Eating: it's all in your head! Or, is it?

Posted by Anne Galya on 5/20/2017
Are weight control and appetite suppression all in your head?
Explore the findings with us!

Winter Skin Recovery

Posted by Anne Galya on 3/15/2017

Simple steps to recoup velvet-y soft, youthful skin after a hard Winter!

Right about now, you are wondering where your lovely skin has gone?!
It is tight, sensitive and a little itchy, your makeup disappears within hours...possibly more fine lines and wrinkles 
are visible than you remembered pre-Winter, but no worries (!) I'm here to walk you through how to recover and restore your skin!

Whol-y Water!

Posted by Anne Galya on 1/12/2016

If you could use one product that would replace a dozen or more health aids in your medicine cabinet, would you?!

Organic Hydrosols offer a plethora of benefit to your well being because of the unique molecular network that is inherent in Nature. Plant fractals, similar to the outstretched branches of a tree, are found in hydrosols and contain all of the active therapeutic qualities of the host plant; bio-compatible with our bodies, making them the perfect antidote for most wellness challenges!

Foodies love Essential Oils!

Posted by Administrator on 11/7/2015

Cooking with Essential Oils and Hydrosols is Easy!
Never panic, or run out to the grocery again, when you need fresh ingredients...

Fall-proof Yourself!

Posted by Administrator on 9/1/2015

It's no fun hiding from Seasonal Allergies!

Ready, Set, Go To School!

Posted by Administrator on 8/13/2015

Ready, Set, Go to School (already!)
aka How to Survive the First Days
 of the New School Year
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 Dehydration Test
 DIY Gifts that make Scents!
 Aromatherapy for the Palate!
 Sleep 101
 Eating: it's all in your head! Or, is it?
 Winter Skin Recovery
 Whol-y Water!
 Foodies love Essential Oils!
 Fall-proof Yourself!
 Ready, Set, Go To School!

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